We understand a lot of great ideas are not easily described and not everyone has the same imagination to visualize a concept.  What we offer is visual renderings in addition to the interior designer renderings to help realize those concepts.  Additionally, visual trailer movies can be created to help a client market to their management team.  Various types of mock-ups can also be created to help the owner realize their concepts to see if it's truly what they want.


One of the driving factors of any project decision.  We're here to help you establish budgets for your electrical systems, luminaire package and also the lighting control systems as well.  As the project progresses, we can assist in updating this number to help you stay within budget and still get your project completed.




We understand sometimes you need a professional to evaluate the existing site conditions to see if it meets a certain criteria.  Our licensed and trained professionals have experience in helping owners in serious matters like litigation.  Such as determining if a certain area meet light levels per local jurisdictions.  We provide a non-bias assessment for our clients.  

Additionally, we can also as-built existing conditions for the owner if desired.


In today's environment almost every jurisdiction has some level of energy regulation.  Some are more stringent than others, let us help you meet those requirements.  Our professional team will help the client complete the necessary forms and run the photometric calculations to back the numbers up.  

We're also experienced in alternative energy sources for projects that have that need or desire.

Drawing Services.JPG


Once designs are realized, we can provide AutoCAD drawings.  These drawings can be incorporated into our in-house licensed electrical engineer's drawing set, a one-stop shop for the client.  

Additionally, we can also provide our design documents to a third party company and their licensed electrical engineer.  We make sure our electrical and/or lighting design drawings are permittable with the local jurisdiction.


We offer services to oversee the construction of the electrical and lighting design concepts that are permitted by the local jurisdiction.  From reviewing the equipment submittals, to evaluating cost effective alternatives to meet certain budgets, overseeing programming of systems, aiming luminaries, and making sure installations are to local codes.  We're available every step of the way if desired by the client.


We realize each project is unique and understand some projects require additional services that may not be listed above.  While we may not be able to accommodate every request, but we have provided unique services for certain projects in the past.  Feel free to discuss with us some of your unique requests, we're here to help you. If we can't provide the solution, we'll try to connect and direct you to someone that can.



Let us help illuminate and power your project!