what Makes us tick?

Lighting Philosophy

Lighting highlights.  Lighting compliments.  Lighting inspires. 

Ideal lighting maximizes natural light marrying it with electric light to create an enhanced ambiance, picture, mood, or atmosphere that we want to portray.

We focus our attention on one of the most critical, complex and least understood qualities of a building project: lighting.

We understand that lighting design is both a science and an art. Our philosophy is to enhance architectural elements with an eye on sustainability and a commitment to meeting energy codes.

At Affiniti Studios we provide professional lighting design services for resort hotels, casinos, restaurants, retail, sports entertainment facilities, landscaping, visitor centers, parks, commercial buildings, office buildings, and private residences, you name it we can do it!

At Affiniti Studios we're here to provide that balance for you!


Electrical Engineering Philosophy

To complete any project, you need to energize it.  Electrical systems can be very complex and we're here to help simplify it so you can be rest assured the design team has handed over a flawless project to the client. 

From initial load calculations to final panel schedules and load summaries, we offer design services from start to finish.  We understand some electrical systems are unique and/or been around for a long time. Our trained team is ready to help you analyze that system and prepare you for any upgrades that may be needed.  Whether you need to add equipment to a generator or add a generator to your project we can help you.  

We believe in a complete product - by merging our lighting and electrical expertise with the building mechanical system design allowing for a more complete system.  

Our trained team has the mindset to work with other design professionals to complete projects, it's our goal to have a successful project to ensure the client is satisfied.

Rest assured you're in good hands!


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